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With a desire to build confidence through knowledge, Brave Beautiful Beginnings is equipping expectant parents in the greater Houston area to navigate pregnancy and birth in a way that is both empowering and rewarding. Brave Beautiful Beginning's childbirth education classes prepare families to:

  • Communicate more effectively with their partners and providers 

  • Enrich their understanding of labor and the sensations associated with it

  • Embolden them with information regarding interventions

  • Prepare them with methods for a more comfortable experience

  • Provide them with options for natural and medical relief of pain

  • Introduce them to the first hour of parenting!


Classes are designed to accommodate various learning styles and schedules

Time Saving CBE Class

4 Hour Class

This 4 hour crash course in childbirth education is for expectant parents that are somewhat confident about birth but want some extra tools to put in their toolboxes. In this course we will focus on: 

  • Narrowing down a customized plan for your birth

  • Fetal position and the process of labor

  • Pain relief and comfort measures

  • Interventions

  • Positions for labor and birth


This relatively short and affordable class educates attendees on the labor process itself as well as on options relating to pain relief. Enter into the transformational experience of birth and early parenting with the wisdom to map your own course!

Water Birth

Extended CBE Class

9 Hour Class

From pregnancy to the Golden Hour, this course thoroughly prepares expectant parents for anything that may arise along the journey. Indulge yourself and your partner in an interactive experience that will inspire you to dig deep into your wishes and fears surrounding birth. This specialized course explores ideals, philosophies and the evidence behind each choice that can be made. 


Through our How, When & Why Teaching Curriculum this course covers:

  • Birth Partner Communication

  • Written Birth Plans

  • Pregnancy Ailments

  • Nutrition

  • Prenatal Testing

  • The Anatomy of Labor and Birth

  • Fetal Position

  • The Process of Labor

    • The Stages of Labor

  • Non-Medical Pain Relief

  • Medical Pain Relief

  • Comfort Measures

  • Labor Positions

  • Pushing Positions

  • Medical Interventions

  • The Postpartum Hour


Attendees replace their fear and anxiety with knowledge and confidence through this inspiring and interactive series!

Woman getting ultrasound

Customized CBE Class

Pay by the hour

Imagine if you could receive a list of pertinent childbirth education topics and you could choose exactly what you wanted information on! Well, that’s exactly how this course works!


We will send you a complete list of topics. Next to each topic is an associated teaching time. For example:


Positions for Labor and Birth - 30 Minutes

Learn about and practice a variety of positions for labor and birth 


Look through the list, make your selections, add up the teaching time and simply pay by the hour!


Newborn Care Class

5 Hour Class

This is a comprehensive course that covers the most vital information for new parents as they transition to life with their new little one. 

 This class covers:

  • Newborn procedures, appearance and behaviors and the sacred hour

  • Understanding newborn cries, crying curve and comforting. Dr. Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block.

  • Infant feeding, breastfeeding basics, hunger cues and burping

  • diapering your newborn, diaper options, stool and urine patterns

  • bathing in a way to that is comforting to your newborn and stress free to you, skin and nail care and dressing

  • newborn health and safety including cord stump care, circumcision care, well-baby visits, taking temperature, signs of illness, choosing a provider, SIDS, Car Seat Safety

  • Returning to work 

  • and more!


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