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Placenta Encapsulation

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Placenta encapsulation is the art and science of preserving the placenta’s restorative power for daily usage over an extended period of time.


For centuries, utilizing the healing and restorative power of the placenta has been a common occurrence in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but western medicine is not nearly as open minded, nor has it caught up with the mind, body, spirit connection found in eastern medicine.


Through the process of placenta encapsulation for the purpose of ingestion, birthing individuals are benefiting from the powerful organ that is responsible for the nourishment and oxygenation of their baby in utero. The placenta, which is the only organ the body grows for a single purpose and then expels when the job is complete, has powerful healing properties. As the organ responsible for pregnancy hormones, it’s exit from the body disrupts the hormonal balance. Re-adjusting, or re-balancing those hormones takes approximately 6 weeks.


Our Postpartum Placenta Specialist preforms the encapsulation process in your own home. This allows you the peace of mind that your placenta has been prepared in the safest possible way. You are welcome to be as involved or as uninvolved as you’d like to be! Your safety is our number one priority and it is our goal to provide you with the most exceptional service. Our process is incredibly sanitary and we will leave your kitchen even cleaner than we found it.

Our Postpartum Placenta Specialist is also a Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. For two days, you will have a trained expert in your home available to help you navigate all the intricacies of your brave beautiful beginning.

Services include a cord keepsake and placenta capsules. A placenta tincture can also be created for an additional fee.

While little research on placenta encapsulation has yielded few results, the clients of Brave Beautiful Beginnings who bravely hire this service in order to consume their placentas, have shared the following bits of anecdotal evidence with us:


  • “I had more energy during the postpartum period with this baby because I did placenta encapsulation.”

  • “I had far less postpartum bleeding this time.”

  • “I definitely saw an increase in my milk supply from taking the capsules.”

  • “I just felt happier this time than last. The only difference was my placenta!”

  • “I did it because I had severe postpartum depression with my first baby. An article I read said that women who consume their placentas are less likely to experience that. I would have done anything not to feel that way. Placenta encapsulation worked miracles for me. I’m so grateful for this service.”

If you have questions, or you are considering placenta encapsulation for the purpose of consumption, we would love to chat with you.

Contact us today to discuss your postpartum placenta needs!

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