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Postpartum Doula Services

My Doula Services: Services

"When we transition into becoming a parent, it is important that we don’t let go of who we were. We must always remember to bring the best of who we were into who we are now becoming."

- Hannah Rojas, Brave Beautiful Beginnings Owner

A doula’s responsibility is to provide a source of knowledge, encouragement, and emotional & physical support throughout the postpartum experience. The doula is there to assist you as you recover from the birth of your baby, explore and discover your parenting philosophies, and care for your newborn in the early days, weeks and months. Your doula will be there to help you navigate the unpredictable emotionality of the postpartum period, as well as infant care, sleep, feeding and more.


Brave Beautiful Beginnings Postpartum Doula Services include the following:

An Initial Consultation:

we'd love to meet you

Bringing home a new baby is a vulnerable time in the lives of new parents. Who you let into your space during that time is a deeply personal decision.


Allow us to meet with you prenatally so that you can get a sense about our expertise and professionalism. We will answer all of your questions, and maybe even point out some things you hadn’t considered asking us! We appreciate the opportunity to offer you this 1-hour long complimentary consultation in order for you to consider us as part of your post birth support team.

Your Due Date is Secured:

here for you

Once you have engaged the services of Brave Beautiful Beginnings for your postpartum care, we will be prepared to accommodate you based on your desires. We ask that you add us to the list of people who you share the news of your birth with as soon as your sweet bundle arrives. That will allow us the time to finish up any last minute things knowing that we will be prioritizing your support as soon as you are home from the hospital.

Real-Time Education:

knowledge is power

While newborn care classes are a great way to prepare yourself for bringing home your new baby, nothing compares to literally having a baby expert in your house, supporting you with knowledge and insight in real-time. Whether you are struggling with breastfeeding, considering which baby equipment is essential, or trying to discover whether or not how you are feeling is considered normal, your doula has the insight. The answers to your questions are most relevant when answered immediately. Our support provides immediate relief. 







Sleeping Black Baby.png

Your Postpartum & Infant Care Support:

your new baby is here!

Your baby has arrived, and your Brave Beautiful Beginnings doula is ready to support you! Whether your preference is for support during the day, or, throughout the night for optimal rest, what you can expect from your doula, includes the following:


  • A thorough understanding of normal postpartum recovery following vaginal and surgical birth

  • The ability to recognize the early signs and symptoms of postpartum mood disorders

  • An understanding of various parenting philosophies

  • A comprehensive understanding of the postpartum emotional changes

  • The ability to strategize and implement care plans for postpartum families and newborns

  • Infant care, including:

    • Hygiene

    • Comfort, and soothing

    • Feeding - Breast, bottle and a combination of both

    • Sleep shaping, day vs. night sleep confusion

  • Guidance, encouragement, and support every step of the way

Postpartum support is best when discussed and arranged during pregnancy, however, at Brave Beautiful Beginnings, we do our very best to accommodate last minute care requests as well.

Having a baby, and transitioning to the constant responsibility of the care of another, is a life changing transition like no other. It is a shift in our lives that while natural and intuitive, can also be somewhat startling and emotional. But, we see you. We see how brave you are, how beautiful you are, and how the look in your eye shows that you are at the beginning. We have been where you are and we are ready to hold your hand, to shelter you from the storm, to guide and support you as you find the strongest, most resilient version of yourself. We’re here, and you are not alone.


Contact us today, and let’s talk about your postpartum and newborn care needs!

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