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what our clients are saying...

"I was fortunate enough to have Hannah recommended to me during the beginning of my pregnancy. From our very first conversation, it was clear how passionate she was about her work. She was invaluable to me during this journey through pregnancy and labor. She was knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, positive and so supportive. I couldn't have done it without her. I am forever grateful for her and look forward to working with her again in the future."


“I hired Hannah after one phone call. I was about 37 weeks pregnant with baby #3, and was going to attempt my first unmedicated birth. We clicked instantly! She made me feel so calm and prepared. She answered all of my questions in depth and offered so much valuable advice. Even my kiddos and husband loved her! My labor and delivery were fast and beautiful, and she was all-in the entire time. The extra comfort measure I needed. I will recommend her to everyone I know! Hannah, you made this experience so special, and I couldn't express more how much I appreciate you!”


Hannah is so truly gifted when it comes to working with women and families. She has such a huge heart for mamas and has found her calling in this business.
I cannot stress enough how comforting it is to have someone who you can trust during such a vulnerable and challenging time. She has guided me through two pregnancies, and I highly recommend her!!
The knowledge and support I received from Hannah during my first pregnancy empowered me to choose the birth plan that I wanted, despite being belittled and doubted by my doctor. She encouraged me and opened my eyes to options I didn’t know I had. When I decided to change physicians in my 3rd trimester, She helped me find a like minded midwife that would help me achieve me goals.
I always appreciate her availability when it comes to questions. She has a very sweet and calming presence. It is so clear when working with her that she is there for YOU.
The last thing that I feel cannot go unmentioned is that my postpartum experience was difficult in more ways than I could have known. I am so grateful to have had Hannah through that time.


"As someone who was skeptical of the need for a doula in the first place, I've got to say I was extremely impressed by Hannah and the value/support she provided the two of us in our journey to attaining a successful VBAC. She's very friendly and boasts an easy-to-talk-to personality, so before long we were comfortably sharing our story. Her knowledge and passion for birthing gave me peace of mind that we had a great advocate on our side. Previously, one of my concerns of hiring a doula was that they may take over/replace my role as the primary birth partner (we did the Bradley method of natural childbirth). Hannah did an amazing job at empowering me in my role as support partner to my wife. She helped me have the confidence I needed going into this experience for the first time. I HIGHLY recommend Hannah for the irreplaceable value she provided me and my wife through the entire birthing process. And for those penny pincher husbands out there, it's worth EVERY PENNY I promise!"


“I don’t know what I would’ve done without Hannah! My first pregnancy and delivery did not go the way I had hoped. When I got pregnant for the second time I knew I wanted to do things differently, and I recognized I needed help advocating for myself in case things went awry again. Hannah provided me with the support and education I needed to feel prepared for another long labor in a hospital setting. My baby went on to have a brief stay in the NICU and Hannah was by our side through the whole experience. My husband and I are beyond grateful for her kindness and would recommend her to anyone.”


I hired Hannah very early in my pregnancy, I was less than 10 weeks pregnant.
I interviewed many doulas, but there was something about Hannah that inspired in me so much trust.
Everything that I wanted in a doula, she was. Her positivity, her warmth, her passion about birth..
As a First time mom, I had so many questions all throughout my pregnancy and Hannah was always there no matter the time or day.
The day of birth she went above and beyond my expectations.
My home birth was truly magical & Hannah had so much to do with it. I am forever grateful to her.
I will always recommend her to everyone I know.. she is Gold!


"Hannah made our son's entrance into the world magical. My birth story was perfect thanks to her unwavering and unmatched support. Hannah stayed by my side in the hospital each and every moment, and her very presence was so reassuring to both me and my husband. I can't imagine going through such an experience without her, and if you're questioning whether or not to have a birth doula at your hospital birth, I can say it is 100% worth it!"


"Hiring Hannah was one of the BEST decisions we have made as parents! The words that best describe her are, patient, professional, kind, encouraging, loving, respectful, friendly, and has a big servants heart. This review is a little long but it’s because we hired Hannah for all three services she provides and have lots to say about her in each of them.

I found Hannah through her website while searching for a doula. I really didn’t know much other than I should probably find one because I was a VBAC Mama who really wanted a natural water birth at a birth center. She responded quickly and I scheduled a time to do a call to ask questions and see if we wanted to have a consultation where she would come meet us. She was the second doula I interviewed and I just had this feeling I should do the consultation. She was wonderful right off the bat getting to know my husband, my son and I while clearly answering all our questions and concerns. I knew I may want to do placenta encapsulation and she was able to explain that process to me as well as answer my questions about postpartum doula services.
She left and my husband and I looked at each other immediately and said “she’s hired!”.

From the moment I called Hannah to tell her she was hired she was there for me whenever I needed her. She helped me research, talked me through my anxieties, encouraged me, and soooo much more! Part of working with Hannah is the birth education class she does that is personalized to the couple. We learned so much in that four hour class and really appreciated that she came to us to do it. She helped guide my husband and I through what we envisioned for the birth and what we needed to process in order to be ready. We created a birth plan and a husband cheat sheet of ways that he can help or support me during labor that were both super helpful.

When she says she is always there whenever you need her she means it! Hannah provides incredible support through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
She is on call from 37 weeks on for you and when it came time she actually beat us to the birth center and started preparing for us. She was with us the entire time, reminding us of our goals, physically supporting me when my husband needed a break, coaching me to breathe and relax, making sure we ate and drank water, taking photos & videos for us, and she did it all in such a beautiful non intrusive manner. I can’t imagine doing birth again without her there! Building a birth team that I felt safe around and trusted was key to my successful VBAC.

Placenta Encapsulation:
2 hours after the birth once she helped us get situated, collected my placenta and showed us how to store it until she came to our house to process it, she went home. Hannah processed the placenta in our home and I was surprised at how clean and sterile the whole process was. We got to learn a lot about the placenta over the two days. She also created a print of my placenta before the encapsulation that I will cherish forever! I have the placenta pills and tincture both of which have made a huge difference for me with healing time, milk production, and fighting postpartum depression/anxiety. I highly recommend this service!

Postpartum Services:
If you’ve never heard about postpartum doula services or considered doing it but haven’t, DO IT!
Hannah provides a wonderfully priced, flexible service as a postpartum doula that I couldn’t have done postpartum without. She helped me with laundry, organizing, dishes, preparing for going back to work, watching baby so I could sleep or shower, and honestly just being there when it was rough.


If you are considering hiring her this is your sign to do it. You will not be disappointed!"


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