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Bianca is compassionate and educated woman, who loves to mother the mother.  She has been a doula for 8 years. With 4 children of her own, her passion for motherhood led her to birth another baby, as a surrogate, for another family. Bianca discovered her love for doula work after she had her own doula during her 2nd pregnancy. The support and knowledge she received from her doula was something she wished she’d had during her 1st pregnancy. She decided that her dream was to be that source of support to help others avoid the trauma she experienced with her first birth.


Though she is a full spectrum doula,  postpartum care is her passion. When it comes to postpartum doula support, she strives to help educate her clients on nutrition, self-care, healing,  etc. She works with each family to help them meet their personal postpartum goals, while catering to their needs during those crucial and immediate months following birth. After 12 years of hands-on experience and education, Bianca prides herself in her expertise on infant feeding and sleep education. 


"The greatest thing we can do is “mother” new mothers during this vulnerable stage of transformation. When you give a freshly postpartum mom proper support while transitioning into their new life, you are ensuring she is nutritionally, educationally, emotionally and physically cared for. In turn, you are ensuring the next generation will have a gentle transition into their new world. That gentle transition does wonders for the well-being of the future." – Bianca Doyle, Brave Beautiful Beginnings Doula


With her experience, she strives to give her clients the confidence they need to overcome all obstacles that pregnancy and the 4th trimester tend to present. Bianca’s goal in working with the families she serves is that, by about 4 months postpartum, they will feel capable, secure, and self-assured in their parenting. Her hope is that they will be set in their new routine and will feel comfortable when the time comes for her to move on to her next client.


Bianca and her husband have been together for 18 years. They now live on acreage where she owns farms animals and has big dreams to have a full-functioning homestead in the years to come. She loves Taylor Swift and cooking from scratch. Homeschooling is a huge passion of her family's. They also have a passion for sports. On the weekends you can find her cheering on her kids at their sporting events. 

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