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Rachael is a dedicated and professionally trained postpartum doula, passionately serving the greater Houston area with a focus on the well-being of new mothers and their children.


Rachael's warm, kind, and empathetic nature enables her to effectively support a diverse range of families. Having experienced two vastly different postpartum journeys with her first two children, she understands the vital importance of providing the care and support that every mother deserves.


"My first postpartum experience was challenging. I struggled to navigate it and didn't know what was normal or how to make this time as special as I believed it should be. With the birth of my second son, however, I was surrounded by friends, food, and a completely different hormonal experience. It was like night and day. That's when I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to supporting others during this precious and transitional phase of life."

-Rachael Groen, Brave Beautiful Beginnings Doula


Rachael is driven by her passion for all aspects of motherhood. She firmly believes that with the right support system and community in place, families can thrive—not just survive. Her mission is to help every family enjoy the best possible postpartum experience and guide them towards a strong and confident start. By choosing a postpartum doula, you are investing in your own well-being, which in turn benefits your children.


Currently completing her certification with Birth Arts International, Rachael aspires to incorporate additional training into her doula services in the future.


Rachael and her husband Alex are proud parents of three children. Having lived in Canada and various locations across the US, they cherish their time spent in nature, traveling, and connecting with new people. A dedicated home educator, Rachael is also passionate about all things "crunchy" and holistic in her approach to family life.


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