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Our Doulas

Our team of certified doulas is committed to providing you with professional and exceptional support. We know there is a perfect doula for every family and a perfect family for every doula.

We're excited to get to know you! 



My name is Hannah Rojas, owner and founder of Brave Beautiful Beginnings

I am a certified labor and postpartum doula, certified VBAC specialist, educator and postpartum placenta specialist.

I have had a passion for supporting new families for over 10 years. Brave Beautiful Beginnings was born 

from that passion. Now, I have the honor and privilege of working alongside an incredible team of doulas who share my love for this work. 

Our promise to you is to maintain a standard of excellence in the services we provide. We promise to get to know you as an individual and meet you where you are. To put your hopes and needs at the center of our care. We promise to support your choices without bias or judgement.  

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Meet Your Doula

Join Our Team!

Are you a doula or working on becoming a doula in the greater Houston area? 

Are you professional, flexible and customer service driven?

Are you able to offer unbiased and non-judgmental support?

Are you compassionate, understanding and eager to provide the best possible care to new families?

Are you committed to being a part of an amazing team?

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